Vincent Norman Purcell, my brother

He was born 5/18/1959 and he died Monday 12/15/2014 at home with his dog Sadie at his side.  He was cremated at Lauck and Veldhof’s funeral home.

Tony Elrod had employed him for something like 15 years as the ‘KeyMaster’. He let folks into the gym, took their fees and locked up after they left. They were from all walks. The last time I sat with him we watched a dad and his 3 boys practice ball. There are groups of executives from Elly Lilly, folk from the hood and old guys who ached after every play and asked Vince for ice. If they gave him a tip, he’d want to buy them a beer after the game. After our mom passed I tried to call Vince every week. I really miss that Sunday night; ‘I need to call Vince’ feeling. I had to drag stories out of him and he never asked questions but it was good to connect with my ‘Old Buddy’.

His best fried, Kitty Minardo, took great care of Vince. Once he was ill she fed him twice a day, bought his groceries and had coffee with him. She took his dog and I’m sure is caring for her as she did my brother. I am forever indebted to Kitty.

Lisa and I went out and attended a celebration that Thursday, held in the neighborhood bar that Mona runs and about 40 people came and exchanged sweet stories on my brother.

  • Mona reserved a table for Vince for the burlesque shows. Libby, our niece, found the sign on the table once and shared the evening with Vince.
  • One guy, Anthony Mills-“Old Guy”, stopped in on his motorcycle every time he came to Indy and called everyday. He brought Thanksgiving dinners every year.
  • Scott and Ike would show up late and Vince would tease them every time that ‘it’ll cost you extra’.
  • I would have told a few; him driving the BMW to wash it, taking the wheels off the van to live at the beach, “is there a ‘short trail ole buddy?”, the risks of ‘all-you-can-eat’.
  • And many more

Thank you everyone especially Anthony, Mona, Tony and Kitty.

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Building a pulk sled with only a saw and a pocket knife

Here is my take on building a pulk sled with only a saw and a pocket knife. pulk-finished

There are a bunch of great designs out there that seemed a bit over-built. My design is not yet tested, has a few potential weaknesses but was simple to build and should be simple to maintain. The most likely point of failure is the para-cord so I recommend carrying plenty of spare cord.

I ordered the sled, recommended in several posts, from Midland Hardware for about $35:

The Pro Expedition Sled 60 x 20 x 6 seems durable and rugged without being heavy. It has two nice rope eyelets that worked perfectly for attaching the carabiner. It seems like a good all-round sled.

I bought a 10’ piece of ¾” PVC and cut this in half, sanding the inside of both ends so that no sharp edges attacked the paracord line I ran through them; $3. The line is doubled; probably excessive but added no cost.pulk-pole

I bought 4 carabiners at the local Ace hardware for $1.50e. These are not for climbing; those cost about $7 bucks each. These have “SAFE WORKING LOAD 150 lbs” stamped on the side but don’t seem that tough.

I bought a spool of paracord for $10 (the good stuff rated for 550 lbs) and a “webbed pistol belt” for $20 from the local Army Navy store. I have a lot of spare cord and used maybe 30′.