Introducing the ‘Phocket’

To: The Orvis Company
Attn: New Product Submission
178 Conservation Way
Sunderland, VT 05250

Hi there,

I currently own exactly one, exquisitely crafted, Orvis shirt. I love it and wear it to all special occasions. It is clearly the best shirt I’ve ever owned.

I also own an off brand vest I got for my retirement and I wear almost every day in the winter. It has one feature I truly appreciate; it has a deep vertical pocket on the outside where I keep my iphone. THE PHONE HAS NEVER FALLEN OUT OF THIS POCKET! I love my phone, a gift from me son, and I broke one much like it when I placed it in my shirt pocket and leaned over to stock the fire. So, I want a pocket in the summer that has the same regard for my phone as my vest does. I have therefore ‘invented’ this pocket and would love to see you including it in all your shirts.

((( The Phocket could go on the left side of the shirt but gets hard to slide the phone into)))

So, here it is; it is a pocket between the third and fourth buttons [from the top] where, when you put your phone in it, the phone drops down about an inch. The pocket buttons on the upper left corner of the regular shirt pocket [or hooks – or whatever].

If I don’t hear back I’ll see who else would like it but, I like you guys, American made and local. And, your craftsmanship is impeccable!

Let me know and I’ll come pitch it in person. I’ll wear my trial version.




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