Reception song for Dash

Written by Nora Purcell Р2019 for the arrival of Dashiel John Purcell 5/30/19, Sydney Australia  (may be the 29th-there was an international dateline involved)
Sung by Van, Canberra, Nancy, Fred, Martin, Nora, Bennington and Lisa at Luke and Clair Purcell’s wedding on November 16th, 2019.
Grandchester QLD, Australia. -27.717307, 152.466939

When your dad and I were little
In the green mountain state
We knew the names of stars
From nights we stayed up late

Well I don’t know the constellations in your southern skies
But I recognize the twinkle of your grandma in your eyes
So come back north to see us, we’ll point up and we’ll say
There’s a swan up there, flying through the Milky Way

Our dad would find Orion
Hunting in the night
Arrows always flying
Belt was polished bright


Then there was that queen
Ever sitting upside down
Always made us wonder
Why she didn’t drop her crown


The dipper points you towards us
By showing the North Star
The great bear helps you find home
No matter where you are


Venus is the morning star
That brightest point of light
I hope that she reminds you
Day always follows night


Last there are the seven sisters
Huddled high above
A shining lasting symbol
Of families and love

From dad’s YouTube: