2015 and the Wood Shop

12/2/2015 Today I finished the first phase of wiring – I HAVE A NICE LED SHOP LIGHT!! so exciting. I corrected the breaker to a 15 amp [they’d over sized it to a 20 and I like to be safe]  then I went out, plugged in the new light AND a small electric heater and the circuit held + I ran the skill saw. What more can a man ask for?

I put in the end caps so I could really insulate the hell out of it.


So, really good progress on my wood-shop. It is October 12 2015 and it has doors, windows, siding and the exterior is all stained. IMG_0260

So far the design has been perfect [of course it could be bigger]; 12×16 turned out to be the least wasteful size for a building imaginable.  Six 4×8 OSB board are the floor-nothing cut off She sits on 9 piers and is tied in to the slab garage foundation. A 30 degree pitch roof worked out great too. This used an 8’ 2×6 and left an overhang of 9 ½” running; that uses a 7 ¼” board [1 x 8] and a 2 ½” SOFFIT VENT-sweet. And, the roof used 8 full sheets of plywood plus two for the hitch roof that ties in with the garage. Nicely it ties at the roof just about halfway up and, as the garage roof pitch is 30 degrees, looks smooth. 

With only two saw horses and scrap lumber for a bench it is already the best workshop I ever had [OK, more outlets would be a keen addition].IMG_0155

Next I insulate the ceiling, run electric, insulate the walls and I’m in business. So great-216 SQ’ of work space.

I’ll post pictures and plans later but just wanted to get something up.


Thanks Lisa for supporting this effort; always ready to hold a board, climb on the roof and on and on. You’re the best wife any man ever had, ever!

5 thoughts on “2015 and the Wood Shop”

  1. So sorry that it’s taken us nearly 30 years to get you a wood shop, sweet Van. So glad you have one now!! I’ve loved watching you create this space, working out all the necessary details and making it fit right into the backyard. Looking forward to waving at you when we are both at work in our work rooms.

  2. My question is… how many other shops have you been secretly wanting all these years? Is 2016 going to be the weaving shop? The loom room? The carving studio?

    1. A small forge, a pizza/bread oven [doubles as a wood bending kiln AND a pottery firing kiln], and yes stone carving – so much to do.

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