Dead sea scrolls; what on the web will survive for heirs, for history?

smithing 015.MOV.Still001

It just dawned on me that this is how my great-grandchildren will know me. Maybe.  Not by an inanimate photo in a tin-type but as a guy who once pounded on an iron bar to make a hook. If I post even a drib of a movie to the FaceBook does it last 50 years, a hundred. I’m keeping a 40 pound 1960’s recording device in the garage so I can ‘hear’ my father’s voice. I feel simultaneously a little immortal and a little like a reflection. Will our heirs keep an old laptop around; perchance to reach back and see their progenitor?  I’m not sure why I have that interest, why would they? Does who my father was really influence who I am, who they’ll be? It seems to just be a very human interest. I see some traits of my father visited on my children; or just reflections of some traits. “You look a lot like Bert” my aunts [Corrine and Ima] said this before inviting Lisa and me into their house at the end of a long dark road in the middle of Crawford County in 1983. There is something in Humans that reaches across time. What do I want to say to my little buddies born long after I’m gone? What cogent advice do I have for my great grandchildren as they advance in age? Will they spin rings in a parabolic dish to ‘hear’ lessons from the past or see movie bits posted by their ancestors? Just wondering.

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